Platinum #3776 Chartres Blue Fountain Pen (Rhodium)

F & M nibs in stock, please contact us for availability of other nibs.

A classically styled fountain pen, the #3776 Century uses high quality materials and special techniques to offer a smooth writing experience. 

Chartres cathedral in France is world-famous for its stained glass windows. It is said that the blue used at the time (called "Chartres Blue") is impossible to reproduce nowadays. The Chartres Blue Platinum fountain pen is a hommage to these exquisite creations.

Note: Japanese nibs tend to write finer than European ones, M is close to a European F for example.

Platinum pens use proprietary cartridges, available here.


  • Nib: Rhodium
  • Nib sizes: Fine (F) (more available soon)
  • Materials: Crystal resin
  • Slip & seal mechanism to avoid ink dry-out
  • Includes 1 ink cartridge
  • Size: 139.5mm × 15.4mm (max diameter) )
  • Weight: 20.5g
  • Made in Japan.

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