Peg and Awl The Sendak Artist Roll - Truffle/Black

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Designed for artistic nomads or nomadic artists, the Sendak Artist Roll carries your current arsenal of tools with you from studio to coffee shop, or to wherever your inspiration takes you.

Named after Maurice Sendak, an American illustrator and writer of children's books, the Sendak Roll is replete with pockets and compartments of varying sizes and in surprising numbers. Black hole-like, the Sendak will swallow a seemingly unlimited amount of paraphernalia, while still remaining relatively compact and always eminently portable. We know of no other roll-type carrier on the market at this level of quality and offering so much storage capacity.

Lovingly made in the Philadelphia area using mainly locally-sourced materials, Sendak will age beautifully and charm you with its chunky leather and supple waxed canvas.

Truffle is a lovely mid green, which works beautifully with the black leather. The truffle canvas of current sendaks is slightly darker than the one in the pictures.

- 10 oz. waxed duck canvas (14 oz. with wax)
- Sustainable organic leather strap
- Antique steel buckle
- Brass rivets
- 16 pen/pencil-sized pockets
- 4 inside flat pockets
- 1 zippered pocket with metal zipper
- 2 large outside pockets
- Made in USA

Inches: 7.75″ tall by 7″ wide by 0.5″ deep
Metric: 20.3 cm by 17.8 cm wide by 1.3 cm deep

Inches: 10.75″ tall by 21.5″ wide
Metric: 27.9 cm by 57.8 cm wide

Pencil/Pen-Sized Pockets:
Inches: 16 @ 0.875″ wide by 3–5″ tall
Metric: 16 @ 2.2 cm wide by 7.6–12.7 cm tall

Large Interior Pockets:
Inches: 2 @ 2.5″ wide by 6″ tall; 2 @ 4.25″ wide by 6″ tall
Metric: 2 @ 6.4 cm wide by 15.2 cm tall; 2 @ 10.8 cm wide by 15.2 cm tall

Large Exterior Pockets:
Inches: 2 @ 6.5″ wide by 7.75″ tall
Metric: 2 @ 16.5 cm wide by 19.7 cm tall

Inches: 23.25″ long by 1″ wide
Metric: 59.1 cm wide by 2.5 cm wide

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