JIBUN_TECHO DAYs 2024 (Yellow)

The newest addition to the JIBUN_TECHO, the DAYs planner is the only daily planner in the lineup. With a unique and versatile format, the DAYs offers an easy, fun way to plan and record your days. 

Like the JIBUN_TECHO Standard, the DAYs planner uses KOKUYO's own THIN paper. Lightweight and low in show-through, it resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.

The DAYs planner comes as a set of two six-month diaries. Each of these is about the same thickness as a regular JIBUN_TECHO DIARY, making it easy to carry around.

2024 Daily planner.

This design lets you keep two separate logs side by side, such as your work and family schedules, or your to-do list and life log.
It's now easier to customise schedules to suit your own needs.

The trouble with a conventional page-a-day planner is that it’s difficult to see whereabouts you are in the week. We’ve solved the problem by making your position within the week intuitively obvious.



- Plastic cover

- Fountain pen-friendly paper.

- A5 Slim(H217×W136mm)

112 pages per six-month diary

- Made in Japan.


INCL.VAT price includes European VAT for orders shipping to the European Union.