Diamine Inkvent Shimmer & Sheen ink (50ML, 2 colours)

Diamine ink is a water-based ink. Due to the very fine quality Diamine fountain pen inks are suitable for all brands of pen.

This special ink from Diamine was originally part of their Inkvent Calendar, and now released in full-sized bottles of festive, wintery joy. 

Perfect for writing festive cards, special occasions or to bring beauty to letters and journals.

A 50ml glass bottle of ink, comes boxed in a special edition box.

Sheen in an ink is an appearance that the ink shines with a different colour, that appears metallic or shiny. Sheen will appear when wet ink dries on the surface of the paper. 

Shimmer inks are inks that have small glitter particles added to the ink.

We recommend shaking the bottle well before filling your pen or when dipping a pen into the ink, to make sure shimmer particles are distributed through the ink.

Please be aware that shimmer ink can cause minor build-up inside a pen over time. We recommend using Diamine fountain pen cleaning fluid periodically to keep your pen in good working order.