Akashiya Gansai 24 Colour Watercolour Set

A set of 12 of traditional Japanese watercolours (Gansai) that are elegant, easily soluble in water, and transparent.

Gansai use a much higher pigment to binder ratio than Western watercolours, which is why their colours are more saturated. A little paint goes a long way.
These watercolours come with large pans compared to traditional Western watercolour pans. Japanese watercolour brushes are larger and need the extra space.
Akashiya do not use heavy metals (lead, chrome, mercury, etc.) at all, and use raw materials that are kind to the human body and give due consideration to safety.
- 24 colours: (AP-21) Crimson, (AP-14) Yellow Green, (AP-18) Red Ochre, (AP-06) Ultramarine Blue, (AP-15) Yellow, (AP-17) Vermilion, (AP-01) Chalk White, (AP-03) Purple, (AP-02) Black, (AP-16) Yellow Ochre, (AP-10) Green Rust, (AP-04) Indigo, Light (AP-08) Ultramarine Blue, (AP-07) Blue Green, (AP-05) Vivid Indigo, (AP-19) Peony, (AP-20) Dark Red, (AP-22) Red Plum, (AP-11) Green Grass, (AP-12) New Leaves, (AP-13) Light Blue Green, (AP-09) Dark Green, (AP-23) Gold, (AP-24) Silver.
- Box size: W170 × D17 × H250mm
Recommended accessories:
- Ume (plum)palette(plastic or porcelain)
-Felt underlay(shitajiki) to stop the paper from sticking to the underlying surface.
- Etegami or AkashiyaShounXuan paper

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