The Superior Labor 2way Backpacks

December 23, 2017 1 min read

You'll have seen these cool Superior Labor 2way Backpacks before if you follow us on social media. The first ones we stocked 4 months ago having sold out within 12 hours of being put on-line, we ordered more of them this time. 

The backpacks are available in 2 canvas colours, khaki (olive) and black, with various paint options in both styles. The packs are sightly smaller than an S-size Engineer Bag and made from identical materials, a perfect size for work or daypack use. The straps are nicely padded with a thick layer of natural felt.

The Superior Labor leather backpack

The name "2way Backpack" comes from the addition of handles on the top of the bag, allowing it to be hand carried or used as a classic backpack. This recent design is destined to be one of TSL's iconic models in our opinion.

We won't be getting more for a couple of months once these ones are gone, so get yours now!