Introducing the Superior Labor x Nomado Store A4 Leather Writer's Organiser.

June 26, 2020 2 min read

TSL x Nomado Store A4 Writer's Organiser


We came up with the idea for the original A5 Writer's Organizer during a creative meeting with The Superior Labor in 2018. We were looking for a genuinely practical leather accessory which had to be travel and stationery-related. We decided to design an organiser for all "travelling writers".

The A5 W.O. has been a huge success, so when customers started asking us to introduce a larger version, we decided to design this A4 version with TSL.

A4 is twice the height of A5, which also allowed us to increase the number of pen slots. The pen slots are covered by a protective flap stamped with our "Lucky Turtle" logo to keep the pens safely in place when not in use.


TSL x nomado Store A4 Writer's Organoser 

The A4 W.O. will take an A4 size notepad (not included) in the right-hand slot. A4 is a great format for note taking during conferences or courses, workshops, sketching, etc. Not counting the larger pocket (12cm wide), each of the 4 5cm pen slots will accommodate 2-3 pens, 8-12 in total + an A4 sketchpad- perfect for a travelling artist!


TSL x Nomado Store A4 Writer's Organiser


Even when full, the A4 W.O stays slim and lightweight.

TSL recommended their smooth Japanese leather for this project, the more supple one used for the A5 version and the pen rolls wouldn't have been sufficiently rigid for the larger surface. We suggest treating this leather with Smith's Leather Balm on an annual basis.

As for the A5 version, the snap closure (no zipper!), is our personal choice. The A4 Writer's Organiser is a reflection of our personal tastes, combined with customer feedback, we hope it will suit yours too!

Note : at the time of writing this description, we do not have pictures of the dark brown and black versions. Please visit the TSL Personal Organizer page to see these colours (same leather).  

 When closed, the Organiser is tastefully discreet, the only decoration being the stamped The Superior Labor logo. Just like the A5 version, the Writer's Organizer is a pleasure to carry and manipulate, thanks to the very tactile Japanese leather used.


TSL x Nomado Store A4 Writer's Organoser. 

The A4 Writer's Organiser has been designed and made to give you many years of enjoyment and practicality. Thank you for reading this article, you will find the product page here.