06 December, 2017

Top of the range gifts for that very special person.

1. I RO SE Natural Indigo Short Wallet (167 euros)

irose indigo short wallet

Indigo-dyed leather products are few and far between, due to the difficulty of getting the dye to saturate the material. The result is worth the effort, however. This indigo dyed leather has depth and nuances that it would be impossible to get with ordinary leather dye. A very special wallet indeed,..

2. Artisan & Artist Silk Camera Cords (160 euros)

artisan & artist silk camera cords

Handmade in a Kyoto workshop that specialises in Kimono accessories. These cords are super comfortable and look like no other. There's no turning back once you've tried one of these! (we use them ourselves). 

3. The Superior Labor Paint Small Shoulder Bag (189 euros)

tsl paint small shoulder bag

Another cult bag by The Superior Labor, these sell out quickly. Same top quality materials as the famous Engineer Bags.

4. Croots England Natural Leather Laptop Bag (599 euros)

croots vintage leather laptop bag

This laptop bag is excellent value in our opinion (and a bestseller), despite the hefty price tag. The quality of materials and workmanship are comparable to well-known luxury brands costing several times more. Made with pride from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire.

5. Sandqvist x Hasselblad Camera Backpack (299 euros) 

sandqvist x hasselblad backpack

Put Sweden's tip bag designers with their most famous camera company and you get one of the best-looking camera bags on the market.

6. I RO SE Shoulder Case (167 euros)

irose shoulder case

A tiny handbag by masters of Japanese minimalism I RO SE. Irresistibly elegant.


7. Croots England Leather Flight Bag (759 euros)

croots leather flight bag

Quite honestly, words fail me on this one.. If you travel a lot like us and love beautifully-made items from the best materials and you need a cabin-size travel bag..this one is really, really nice!

8. Blankof Eiffel Packs (205-264 euros)

blankof eiffel packs

An iconic design by cult brand Blankof. A very clever design with lots of storage options and 2 finishes (cordura/leather or lightweight/waterproof). One of our favourite backpacks.

9. The Superior Labor Engineer Bags (333-368 euros)

superior labor engineer bag

Available as a shoulder or tote bag. Our absolute bestselling product! This is the Superior Labor's masterpiece, handmade in Okayama from extremely high quality materials. A must-have.

10. Nomado Store Gift Card (up to 250 euros)

Need to buy a gift for someone who likes what we do? Get them a gift voucher!

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