Platinum Pigment Ink Cartridges (Blue)

Proprietary format ink cartidges for Platinum fountain pens

Cartridge type Water-based pigmented Blue Ink.

1. Pigment ink is brightly colored and less fluid, the edge of the lines will be better defined compared with dye ink.
2. Pigment ink keeps its luster better under light. It can maintain its original color for a long time
3. Pigment ink is resistant to water. Once it dries, even if it gets wet in water, it prevents the color from spreading and vanishing
4. Although maintenance is troublesome, due to its ingredients, pigment ink can make clear characters. When you write kanji or calligraphy for example, pigment ink doesn’t spread at the crossing point. It is the best ink for writing Japanese characters and calligraphy.


  • Box of ten cartridges
  • Made in Japan.

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