Platinum “Chou Kuro” super black ink

The blackest ink ever made by Platinum in the company's history!

Aiming for ultimate blackness
Carbon ink for fountain pens.
"Super black" was born aiming for the ultimate blackness as a black ink for fountain pens.
When you write, the pigment particles react with the minerals contained in the paper and gather together.
Blackness is condensed by this. It has excellent blackness as well as water resistance and light resistance,
This is the birth of a unique "black beyond black" ink.
Enjoy the unprecedented blackness to your heart's content.

1. "Overwhelming blackness" proven numerically
2. "Fadeless blackness" excellent for long-term storage
3. Practical ink that "doesn't show through even if it's dark"
4. "Water resistance" ideal for diaries and letters


  • 60 Cc bottle
  • Made in Japan.

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