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Midori MD Notebook - (A4) - Cotton/blank pages

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High quality A4-size Japanese Notebook.

Perfect size for the MD A4 Goatskin Notebook Cover !

MD Cotton was newly developed in 2013. It is a soft and gentle paper that contains 20% cotton pulp. Cotton paper has always had outstanding durability and keeps exceptionally well. From ages past, it has been used in Europe for important and official documents, known as paper of high quality. The fibers are finer and longer than pulp, meaning that it has a luxurious feel and smoothness that give it an airily soft texture.

MD Cotton has a soft whiteness just like cotton that is well-suited both to fountain pens and colored pencils. We recommend this notebook as a sketchbook and therefore provide it only in a blank format.
  • Size: H275×W210×D10mm
  • Weight: approx. 478g
  • 176 blank pages
  • Cover: Paraffin paper
  • Bookmark string
  • Label stickers
  • Thread-stitched book-binding
  • Made in Japan
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