Herbin - Round glass dip pen

Hand blown glass pens in the tradition of 16th century Venice.

Each pen is an individual work of art.

The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink - enough to write a full page of text without re-dipping.

By dipping the tip into ink, the glass pen can be used just like a regular pen. After rinsing under water, glass pens can be cleaned easily, which makes them ideal to test multiple ink colours quickly. 

The instructions indicate that you can smooth the tip with the included fine sandpaper. Please note that if you sand it, you will permanently alter the tip. The more you sand away, the broader the line the pen will produce. Glass pens are stiff and will inherently not feel as smooth as a fountain pen.

  • Body material : glass
  • Diameter :  9.5 mm (grip) - 15.6 mm (max)
  • Lenght - Body : 18.1 cm / 7.1 inches

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