ai amu by SOUKI natural indigo-dyed scarf

ai amu is a special collection of traditionally crafted indigo-dyed textile products made by Nara-based SOUKI Socks.

Washi thread from Yoshino Motokuzu in Nara prefecture is woven softly with soft cotton.
The beautiful colours are carefully hand-dyed with genuine indigo over and over again, and are made with carefully selected materials, effort and technology.

As you use and wash, the indigo will gradually fade and you can enjoy the evolution and texture of the colour even more.

* Precautions for use
This product is fermented and dyed using natural indigo from Tokushima.
While plant dyes have a good natural hue, they also have the property of easily fading and transferring.
・ If you wash it with other white clothes, the colour will transfer.
・ Rubbing in a damp condition may cause colour transfer on other clothes and shoes.
-Since hand-dyed items are created one by one, there may be slight colour differences

  • Material: Cotton: 75%, Yoshino Kuzuwa washi paper: 25% Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Natural Japanese indigo dye (plant-based)
  • Size: 45 x 140 cm

The beautiful colour gradation is the result of carefully repeated hand-dying with genuine indigo.

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