Nomado Store x Ateliers Phileas Yubokumin Leather TN insert

Our first collaboration with Ateliers Phileas, this is the ultimate Traveler's Notebook insert. We've kept the design simple and focused on essential functionality, quality of materials and workmanship.

The TN insert we produce with Nanala Design (available here) has been a bestseller since we launched it, but Nanala are only able to produce it in minute quantities (approximately 20/year). Handmade and exquisitely hand stamped in the front, it is truly unique. Unfortunately, demand for the product far exceeds the number that can be produced, so we decided to create an alternative.

Our company has very strong connections with high-end brand Ateliers Phileas (Charles designs their products), so we decided to work with them on this new project. They are able to produce much higher quantities for an equivalent quality.

The result is very similar to the Nanala Design version, but with the following differences :

  • 1 cm wider (open)
  • Tochigi rather than Himeji vegetable tanned full grain leather
  • Yubokumin (nomad in Japanese) logo on the front
  • Card slot design based on the Yokohama A5 leather notebook cover (Ateliers Phileas signature curve) 

This product is positioned as an alternative to the Nanala Design version, it is not a replacement. The Nanala x Nomado Store insert will continue to be produced in small quantities.

These inserts are handmade for us in the Kansai area of Japan from the highest quality locally-sourced vegetable-tanned leather, which looks, smells and feels amazing! This leather is produced in the famous Tochigi tannery and is also used by TSL and other famous Japanese brands.

We had great fun designing the packaging, a vintage-style administration envelope with a pseudo specification on it, inspired by government documents from the 40's and 50's. 

Read our Blog article for more details on this project.

  • The leather is thin and supple to avoid making the TN too bulky, it will also acquire a beautiful patina with use and exposure to light.
  • The full-height pocket on the left side has 1 easy to open metal popper, which is flat to reduce bulk & secure when closed.
  • The right-hand side full-height ticketand card slots are practical allowing you to replace both the plastic card and zipper files with just one insert.
  • The insert is slightly smaller than the TN cover so it won't poke out from it.
  • Cut-outs to allow easy use of TN elastic bands.


  • Materials: vegetable-tanned leather, (Himeji), metal.
  • Storage: 1 closed pocket, 3 card slots, 1 full-height ticket pocket
  • Yubokumin (nomad) stamped decorative logo
  • Dust pouch
  • Nomado Store "Lucky Turtle" logo
  • Designed to fit regular size Traveler's Notebooks
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Dimensions (approx.): 23 x 21cm
  • Weight : only 83g!
  • Can be shipped worldwide

Note: the leather is untreated and undyed, we recommend giving it a thin coat of Smith's Leather Balm before use if you wish to avoid staining. Don't bother if you want it to acquire as much character as possible though!


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