The Leather Writer's Organizer, our latest collaboration with The Superior Labor

May 25, 2019 2 min read

We came up with the idea for the Writer's Organizer during a creative meeting with  The Superior Labor in 2018. We were looking for a genuinely practical leather accessory which had to be travel and stationery-related.

This meeting took place during a recent trip to Japan and South Korea, during which we were regularly inspired to write up our daily adventures and chance meetings with locals.

The idea of designing an accessory for "travelling writers" appealed to us a lot. Whatever it would end up looking like, it needed to have space for a reasonable number of pens and for at least one notebook in a size which was comfortable to write in.

The TSL Pen Roll is one of our most used and loved accessories, we love the feel of the special leather and the way it scrunches up to protect our fountain pens when rolled or folded. It really is a delight to carry and even has room for a small notebook.

We decided to "borrow" from this design, the same materials and halve the number of pen compartments while adding slots for a notebook and other documents. A5 is our favourite notebook format (great for writing longer texts or drawing), so the Organizer was sized with this in mind too. 

superior labor x nomadostore A5 leather writer's organizer

Another reason to base the design loosely on the pen roll was that we prefer strap closure to zippers.

Superior Labor x Nomado Store A5 Leather Writer's Organizer

The pen compartments are protected by a leather flap which will also keep them from falling out.

Superior Labor x Nomado Store A5 Leather Writer's Organizer

Superior Labor x Nomado Store A5 Leather Writer's Organizer

The opposite end of the Organizer is decorated with our solid brass "Lucky Turtle Charm" (also made by TSL) and includes a full height document slot.

Superior Labor x Nomado Store A5 Leather Writer's Organizer

When closed, the Organizer is tastefully discreet, the solid brass buckle offsetting the smooth Japanese leather beautifully. There is no logo on the the outside. Just like the Pen Roll, the Writer's Organizer is a pleasure to carry and manipulate, thanks to the very tactile Japanese leather used.

Superior Labor x Nomado Store A5 Leather Writer's Organizer

The Writer's Organizer is available in the same natural, mid-brown and black as the Pen Roll.  


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