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A limited set of TRAVELER'S notebooks and customized items, inspired by the imaginary hotel, airline, train, and record label dreamed up by TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Each set includes TRAVELER'S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization items such as charms and stickers.



Music enriches our daily lives and unites the hearts of the people. When loneliness strikes, it can be like a close friend helping you out.

TRAVELER'S RECORDS is an independent record label that travels around the world like a caravan, conveying the beauty of such music. Anyone can release an album by drawing a cover and writing a title. However, because we believe that the soul of the musician and the feelings of the listener reside in physical analog objects, instead of digital distribution, we only release records and cassette tapes. The more you listen to the records and cassette tapes, the more they create scratch noises and age into lo-fi sounds. The more you listen to them, the more they mark the history that has accompanied you, and become customized into a unique and original sound, just like a leather notebook. Add some music of TRAVELER'S RECORDS to your days.

"Comes with:

  • Camel passport size Leather Cover ( stamped logo)
  • Notebook refill
  • Cotton pouch,
  • Notebook Refill, measures 12,4 x 8,9 x 0,4 cm, 64 pages
  • 4 Stickers, 2 Stamps, 1 Brass Charm.


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