TRAVELER'S Notebook Official Guidebook

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TRAVELER'S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE is the first official guidebook about TRAVELER’S notebook, made with KADOKAWA.

In this book, you’ll find an introduction on how to use TRAVELER’S notebook and customization ideas. TRC interviewed and featured 20 TRAVELER’S notebook users, and you’ll learn the history of TRAVELER’S notebook, past collaborations, the Nagareyama factory where notebook refills are made, and the origin stories written by staff. The book is full of stories about how TRAVELER’S notebook came to be. Inside each book is a special set of stickers that you can use to customize your TRAVELER’S notebook.

TRAVELER’S notebook OFFICIAL GUIDE is only available in Japanese, but we hope you can still find inspiration in the content through the demonstrative photos, illustrations, and content about how people use TRAVELER’S notebook!

Number of pages: 144 pages + limited original sticker
Format: Book, A5 size

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