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The Superior Labor

The Superior Labor Ltd Edition B7 Zip Organizer (3 colours)


TSL Summer 2021 Limited Edition.


A beautiful slim zipped leather Organizer which will offer optimum protection for your precious fountain pens, cards, notebooks & small documents when you are on the move. Will take 1 x B7 notebook.

Virgilio Conzeria Artigiana is a long-established tannery based in Ponte a Egola, Italy, which provides a stable supply of very high quality leather. They produce very high quality tannin leather and produces it with great care.

Note: this special Italian vegetable tanned leather is characterised by a circular scratch on the surface, giving it a unique matte texture. This leather ages beautifully, with use, it will become darker, glossier with patina.

The scratching process is uneven, and depending on the depth, it may look like a defect, but these scratches do not lead to tearing and just contribute to the beautiful matt appearance of the leather.


  • Card slots (4)
  • Compartments (4)
  • Zipped compartment (1)
  • Genuine full grain Italian leather
  • Colours: green, blue, Black and undyed leather lining
  • Material: genuine leather (italian outer, Japanese smooth leather lining), solid brass
  • Size (L11.5cm×H16cm)
  • Handmade in Japan.

Note: B7 paper size: 88 × 125 mm or 3.5 × 4.9 inches


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