Soumkine A5 Slim Notebook - Dot-Grid (4 colours)

candy pink

Soumkine's first product. A beautifully-made notebook which will fit in the regular size Traveler's Notebook.

Apart from the lovely colour, they are available with dot-grid paper, which is ideal for bullet-journaling.

These notebooks are handmade in very small quantities by Fiodor Soumkine and his team in their Paris workshop using the finest materials.

The textured covers and smooth fountain-pen friendly paper feel fantastic!


• Arcoprint 70 GSM by Italian paper mill Fedrigoni S.p.A. Until the mid-2000s, Moleskine used Fedrigoni's Arcoprint for their notebooks (before Moleskine built its own paper mill in China). Original Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper is a perfect background for any writing implement, from pencils to fountain pens, as ink won’t bleed.

• Colorplan™ Paper by G . F Smith is an iconic range of premium uncoated coloured papers developed for the most discerning designers and crafters. It was first created in 1936 in England. Soumkine use it for their notebook covers. Each one has a lovely texture called Coltskin.


  • A5 Slim / MTN Traveler's Notebook Standard size – 11 x 21cm (8.25 inches length x 4.3 inches width)
  • Writing Paper : 80 pages (40 leaves) of Ivory Premium Paper 70 GSM
  • Cover : 270 GSM Embossed Paper by Colorplan™
  • 2-Staples Binding
  • Handmade in Paris, France
  • Each notebook comes with an individually hand-numbered label.
  • Dot-grid paper

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