Kaweco Premium Steel Nib Blank 060 with Thread

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Those who focus on writing comfort and not on the material gold can now enjoy the unique writing pleasure of a gold nib with the Kaweco Premium Steel Nib. Apart from its beautiful, sun-shaped engraving, the larger iridium grain offers you perfect writing behaviour. Due to the hand-finished inner edge rounding, the nib glides smoothly and butter-softly over the paper. The manufacturing and the writing feel are comparable to our 14 kt. Gold nibs. The quality nibs are available in EF-BB.

The nib comes in a silver tin box with a unique sleeve, whose design was created from a 70s Kaweco advertising.

Thanks to the screwing mechanism in Kaweco writing instruments of the middle and higher price range, the nib section can be changed quickly and therefore enables the use of a wide variety of nibs. The Premium Steel Nib has a 060 thread and fits in our metal Sport series like AL Sport, in our Liliput or in the long writing instrument series e. g. Dia2, Student or Special.

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