Herbin - Paris collection - MOULIN ROUGE Ink (30ml)

Celebrate the beauty of Paris with a new range of inks developed by the oldest ink maker in the world, "la maison Jacques Herbin" !

The natural inks come in a glass ink bottle and are suitable for fountain pens and glass nib pens. 

This new special range contains 5 new colors of writing inks.

These inks will take you through the streets of Paris for a historical tour.

Herbin Moulin Rouge features a red colour inspired by the Moulin Rouge, emblem of Parisian celebrations and the birthplace of famous French Cancan.

It’s a bright red with pink undertone that gives a festive feel.

  • 30ml Ink bottle.
  • Natural dyes
  • pH neutral
  • Fast drying
  • Recommended for: writing

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