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Blankof Market Bag Black Light

The Market Bag is a perfect demonstration of Blankof's focus on simplicity and practicality. The Bag is generously sized without being overlarge and is unisex.

This version comes in a high-tech microfibre-type waterproof fabric which is soft to the touch and incredibly lightweight. BLANKOF spent years developing this special NP fabric. The matte-finished material is TEFLON treated to reject rainwater and splashes.

The edges of the bag and the strap are reinforced with nylon webbing (rather like seatbelts).
The bag is lined with a military-inspired olive drab nylon material.

The main storage area includes a large inner pocket and pen slot and can be accessed by the top of the bag. The bag is lightly padded and can be used to carry a laptop in relative safety. The strap includes an internal "utility" hook to keep your keys or other loose items safe.

This good-looking bag is a perfect size for work, or any other activity when you are on the move with a reasonable amount of kit to carry.

  • Design : Derghyun Won
  • Color : Navy
  • W420xH440xD95 (mm) 22 Inches 13L
  • Storage : 2
  • Outshell : Lightweight, waterproof Polyester 85% / Nylon 15%
  • Lining : Nylon
  • Plastic : Acetal
  • Webbing : Nylon
  • Package : Drawstring Pouch
  • Made In Korea

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