Artisan and Artist ACAM 76 canvas camera pouch (2 colours)

Artisan and Artist


A compact, lightweight camera pouch that allows you to store and protect  a small mirrorless camera, lens or accessory inside a normal bag. This means that you can carry your Leica M, Fuji XF, etc. in a Superior Labor or Croots bag, for example without it getting damaged.

Thanks to firm elastic band, the size of the pouch can be adjusted, allowing different kinds of cameras to be carried. The red lining makes it easier to find black camera equipment.

Made of lightweight cotton and polyester, it will protect the equipment from dirt, dust and scratches in style.

  • WEIGHT : 102g
  • BODY SIZE : W175 x H130 x D120mm
  • MATERIAL : Cotton, Polyester
  • CAPACITY : Leica M, small DSLR, Hasselblad 500CM, Rolleiflex 2.8f, mirrorless camera (Fuji XF, Sony, etc.) or lens
  • Camera is for illustration purposes only and not for sale

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