365notebook Pro "sumi" notebook (charcoal) 2 sizes

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An exquisitely made notebook available in 2 sizes with 100 sheets of superfine Japanese junpakushi paper of the highest quality.

To see an idea on paper is to have a better understanding of it. These notebooks are aimed at professionals willing to develop concepts further.

The 365notebook Pro notebook is an analogue creative tool :

1. Long width gives you space to expand your ideas

2. Smooth paper surface is a pleasure to write on

3. included 4 double-sided Shitajiki templates to help in design tasks, mind-mapping, diagrams, etc.

Practical templates: Fine grid, Cabinet (for 3d drawings), Spider (brainstorming or mind mapping), Dot for free drawing.

Creative templates: Ripple (expand your thoughts), zig-zag "Wind at your Back" for structured thinking, Chess Board to organise your ideas, Spiral to consolidate your thoughts.

4. A4 size perfect for complex ideas and desktop work or meetings. A5 is compact and lightweight enough to carry on you at all times.


- Colour (cover): charcoal grey

- Embossed gilt logo

- 100 pages

- A5 format (21 x 14,8 x 0,55 cm)

- A4 format (29,7 x 21 x 0,55 cm)

- Layout: horizontal (vertical spine - see pics)

- Includes 4 double-sided Shitajiki (writing boards with patterns, 8 designs)

- Made in Japan

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