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urukust bags and accessories

.Urukust luxury leather goods is a contemporary craft workshop based in Yokohama, Japan. The company name is the anagram of the Japanese word for "create", "tsukuru".

.Urukust handmade leather products harmonise simplicity, function and style, a true fusion of the designer's passion for modernist architecture (think Bauhaus) and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. 

Their innovative designs focus on simple structures that eliminate the unnecessary. Their full grain leather is vegetable tanned to their own uncompromising specifications, producing a unique, durable leather that feels luxurious, withstands daily use and ages beautifully.

All .Urukust products are made in their own studio with the finest craftsmanship. They are committed to helping people understand the importance and joy of craft design and production.



urukust土平 恭栄 yasue tsuchihira
Founded .URUKUST in 2011.