The Superior Labor Kurozan Zip Key Case (2 colours)

Superior Labor Kurozan leather zip pen case

A beautiful slim zipped key case which will offer optimum protection for your other accessories when carrying your keys when you are on the move.

KUROZAN leather, made from Japanese Kuroge Wagyu cattle, combines the traditional Japanese techniques of tanning and lacquering.

Available in black or indigo-dyed.

KUROZAN, also known as the "Black Diamond of Leather" is a beautiful type of leather that appears to be strewn with a countless number of small diamonds.
Today it is utilized in martial arts equipment such as chest and trunk protectors for Kendo.
It is said that this leather was used to make armor and helmets for generals during the Sengoku ( Warring States ) Period.
Eco Leather Certification

  • Size L7cm × H11.5cm
  • Japanese lacquered leather

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