A stunning range of bags and accessories from South Korea.
Under the slogan 'Neat and Proper', Seoul-based Blankof pursue a 'minimalism' which attempts to avoid any extravagance or superfluousness in design. Here, 'minimalism' does not delete or affect the original function and form of design, but rather minimises the unessential parts that modern life does not require. Moreover, it not only focuses on the aesthetics, but also considers the practicality of the products.

Their logo design, inspired by an empty plate, reflects their will to fill vacant space with things which are simple and organized.

Their product design is founded on the solidity of military style and the need for practicality in outdoor activity. It aims for the essence of ‘minimalism,’excluding needless techniques and dramatization. The internal design and structure of their products reflect that ‘utility’ is the core value here.

Blankof use high quality materials, but that is not the end of it. They deliberately choose the materials based on their deep understanding of the function and connection that these materials will have with the completed product.
Practical, simple, beautiful and well-made - Blankof bags fulfil all of the Nomado Store criteria.