Travelers Company & Midori MD re-stock + new items!

28 November, 2017

Travelers Company & Midori MD productsJust re-stocked most of the standard Travelers Company inserts and accessories for the Travelers Notebook & some of the Midori MD items and added some new ones, such as the MD light series slim notebooks. These 3-packs of 48-page notebooks are super-portable and thanks to their A5 size can also be used in the MD leather notebook bag or Superior Labor A5 leather notebook cover. Paper is the usual super smooth fountain pen-friendly one.

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Introducing Peg and Awl!

04 August, 2018

peg and awl sendakWe've had our eye on Peg and Awl since discovering the Sendak Artist Roll and their Tote Bag last year and have been fascinated by their very unique culture (both personal and corporate). We also realised that there was considerable frustration at the unavailability of their products in Europe and decided to take a closer look at their assortment. 

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New Blankof Passport Cases!

12 July, 2018

blankof passport case
New Passport Case and bag re-stocks from Blankof!

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Traveler's Company Fountain Pens

30 January, 2018

Traveler's Company Fountain PenThe Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pens have arrived! 

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