New Blankof Passport Cases!

12 July, 2018

Our brands seem to fall into two categories, those that are handmade from natural materials, often in a rugged "retro" style and the others with clean minimalistic lines and smooth finishes. The Korean Blankof range embodies the latter approach perfectly. 

Designer Derghyun Won, finds inspiration in military designs, eliminating superfluous details and smoothing out any excessive ruggedness.  His visually clean and discreet creations hide a multitude of practical elements behind a minimalistic facade: padded or zipped pockets, straps, high tech lightweight and water resistant nylon, rugged cordura and more.

Passport Case, the latest addition to our range of Blankof accessories is a perfect embodiment of this approach. Made from, the same lightweight and water repellent nylon as the "Light" Series bags and full of pockets and compartments for your daily kit, we think this is the perfect travel accessory

We have also re-stocked the
Helmet Bags (by far one of our favourite bags) and the iconic Eiffel Pack, one of the best-looking daypacks on the market.

There are very few brands offering this level of aesthetics and practicality in our opinion, visit our Blankof page for more details!

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